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Help Celebrate World Radio Day

Help Celebrate World Radio Day

July 26, 2020

Whether it's a cherished song that brings back memories or a championship sports game, radio has the ability to bring people together, even when they're miles apart. For 100 years, radio broadcasts have crossed towns, cities and countries to bring us the sense of kinship we'vee come to expect from stations invested in our communities.

Today, radio stations around the globe are celebrating World Radio Day, highlighting radio's unique role in serving and connecting diverse communities near and far and amplifying their voices.

"Radio is a personal medium that intimately connects to listeners," says Julie Koehn, president of Lenawee Broadcasting Company in Adrian, Michigan. "The immediacy of radio and the connection that radio stations have with their communities translates into help."

Koehn notes that radio broadcasters take the task of connecting their listeners seriously. "We are about community, we believe this is our responsibility to take care of the public we serve...we are the thread woven through all the cities, villages and towns that keeps us together."

This week, as we celebrate both World Radio Day and Valentine's Day, use #Radio100 to tell us about a moment when radio connected you to a place or a loved one.

November 2, 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the first commercial radio broadcast. To celebrate this special anniversary, we’re shining a spotlight on 100 key moments in radio's history.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating your favorite radio memories throughout 2020. Use the hashtag #Radio100 across social media to share these moments with the world. Here’s to 100 wonderful years of radio, and to at least 100 more!

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