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Ensuring Local Communities are #VoteReady

Ensuring Local Communities are #VoteReady

As voter registration has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, broadcasters play a critical role in helping Americans understand the importance of participating in our democracy. Local radio and television stations' commitment to driving civic participation has a powerful impact on informing and motivating citizens to vote. And as bastions of the First Amendment, broadcasters are dedicated to keeping their communities informed about the issues that impact them.

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In 2020, radio is turning 100 years old! To celebrate this special anniversary, we're highlighting the enduring value of radio.

We hope you'll join us in celebrating your favorite radio memories throughout 2020. Use the hashtag #Radio100 across social media to share these moments with the world. Here's to 100 wonderful years of radio, and to at least 100 more!

Top 100 Moments in Radio

November 2, 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the first commercial radio broadcast. To celebrate this special anniversary, we're shining a spotlight on 100 key moments in radio's history.

Moment #8: June 18, 1940
Winston Churchill Delivers 'This Was Their Finest Hour' Speech

Moment #9: October 25, 1954
First Transitor Radio Hits the Consumer Market

Moment #10: June 8, 1954
Elvis Presley Heard on the Radio for the First Time

Moment #11: 1965-1968
Radio Covers Height of U.S. Engagement in Vietnam War

Moment #12: May 17, 1973
Radio Brings Watergate Hearings to Americans' Living Rooms

Moment #13: 1937
Red Skelton's Radio Career Begins

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Help us celebrate Radio's rich history and bright future by utilizing the resources available in our #Radio100 digital toolkit for stations.

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