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Broadcast service is free. All you need is a radio or a TV with an antenna.

Who We Are

As your local television and radio stations, broadcasters inform communities, help neighbors in need, provide a lifeline during emergencies and report the facts you need to know. Broadcasters also deliver your favorite music on the radio and the shows you love to watch on TV.

Broadcast service is free – all you need is a radio or a TV with an antenna. And unlike cable, satellite or streaming services, there is no monthly fee to access local TV and radio stations. Local stations use the broadcast airwaves to transmit a signal that is received by an antenna on, or in, your device.

Stations also deliver breaking news and information online, through their websites, digital apps and social media, keeping you connected everywhere you go. Stations take seriously their responsibility to serve the public and are licensed by the federal government to use the airwaves for the greater good.

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