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WUGO-FM Produced and Aired "Historical Views of Carter County"

Topic: Community-Focused Initiatives

Through a 22-part series, WUGO-FM in Grayson, Ky., passed down the 170-year history of the county to the 3,800 people who live there. General Manager Francis Nash spent a year researching and writing "Historical Views of Carter County." The segments aired twice each day for a month, and daily promotional spots alerted listeners to the opportunity to tune in. At the conclusion of the broadcasts, the series was published as a 75-page history book, and 2,100 free copies were given out as a gift from the station on the 100th anniversary of the courthouse. The station broadcast live from book distribution sites and aired promotional announcements about where to pick up a free copy. Every book was taken within five days. In a letter of thanks to the station, Linda Low, a board member of Olive Hill Historical Society, wrote, "It will be on the book shelves in many Carter County homes for years to come reminding them of their rich history and heritage, and of a community-minded, hometown radio station that cares about its roots." WUGO was a 2008 National Association of Broadcasters Crystal Award winner.

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