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KMJM-FM Produces "Sunday Morning Live" Public Affairs Show

Topic: Community-Focused Initiatives

For 30 years, KMJM-FM in St. Louis, Mo., has produced its "Sunday Morning Live" public affairs show to provide community members a venue to discuss concerns, perspectives and views. In-studio guests include community organizations, political experts and professionals, and topics focus on issues directly affecting the listening audience. In 2007, the St. Louis Public Schools lost their accreditation, making the state of education a principal issue. Board of education officials, including the current superintendent, former superintendent, school board president, local teachers’ union president and a newly state-elected advisory board, were interviewed on the show, giving listeners the opportunity to call in and ask questions. Racial tension in the St. Louis City Fire Department also was a top issue for the year, prompting the show to host the fire chief, city operations manager and mayor as guests. In addition, the station formed a panel to discuss the state of black America and what residents could do to stop hate crimes. KMJM was a National Association of Broadcasters’ Crystal Award Finalist in 2008.

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