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KTVL-TV Helps Solve Cold Crimes

Topic: Safety Initiatives | VIDEO

A twice-weekly segment about unsolved crimes that runs during the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. news on KTVL-TV in Medford, Ore., has aided in the arrest of more than 80 criminals, making the city a safer place. Both segments, "Crime Stoppers MethWatch" and "Crime Stoppers," are backed by the station, Crime Stoppers of Southern Oregon, local law enforcement and the local newspaper. With a goal of stopping the spread of drugs in Southern Oregon, "MethWatch," specifically targets people who manufacture and distribute methamphetamine. These reports aren’t just about the "bad" guys. As an eye-opener to the far-reaching effects meth has on the community, "MethWatch" segments also feature stories about the drug’s affects on the workforce, youth and the community. Success stories of addicts who have received treatment and taken back their lives also air, and once a year, a MethWatch half-hour special summarizes all the people profiled and lists resources for users to get help. "With KTVL’s support and assistance, both ‘MethWatch’ and ‘Crime Stoppers’ have made a huge impact on the safety of our community," said Deputy Chief Tim George, president of Crime Stoppers of Southern Oregon. "It takes a communitywide effort to beat an epidemic like methamphetamine, and KTVL has done more than their share as a community partner."

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