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WPRI-TV Holds Telethon in Support of School Children

Topic: Youth-Focused Initiatives | VIDEO

Meeting Street, an organization that provides individual learning programs for thousands of children with developmental delays, gets to tell its story to the community each year during its annual telethon on WPRI-TV in Providence, R.I.The four-hour, commercial-free telethon preempts primetime programming, and all production for the event is done in-house by the station. Planning alone requires six months, and all departments, from engineering to the newsroom, are involved. Last year, the telethon generated nearly $500,000 from phone donations and long-term corporate commitments tied to the event. WPRI gives Meeting Street more than $150,000 of in-kind support every year, and with the stationís help, the organization keeps growing in both resources and the number of children using its services. "We couldnít do the work we do without WPRIís support," said Meeting Street President and Chief Executive John Kelly. "Their talent does an amazing job of showing people what we do."

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