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Paul Finebaum, Morning Show Host Makes Surprise Visit to Special Listener

Topic: Community-Focused Initiatives

Cumulus Media’s popular sports-talk show host Paul Finebaum recently made a surprise visit to the home of one of his avid listeners, Robert Fisher, who is living with cerebral palsy. Fisher’s mom told the local paper "this was the greatest thing that could ever have happened to him."
Fisher’s regular calls to the station can be controversial. According to the Cedar Valley Courier, "while a couple of hateful callers took issue with Finebaum putting Fisher on the air, the vast majority of listeners embraced him."
Listeners from all over the country sent Fisher packages, including books, letters and a hat from an Eastern Kentucky University coach. Some listeners feel Fisher grows more confident and articulate the more he calls in to the show. An 83-year-old listener wrote a poem and sent it to Fisher, encouraging him to “keep calling the show because everyone enjoys listening."

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