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Topic: Community-Focused Initiatives
Posted on 1/7/2014

A community station in the fullest sense of the word, KTUL has Tulsa at heart. Heavily invested in the well-being and engagement of its residents, KTUL in 2012 produced nearly 50 community projects touching all aspects of life in the community. Their deep involvement is only outdone by the depth and attention given to each initiative. Fulfilling basic needs for warmth and food, KTUL helped launch a wildly successful Spread the Warmth blanket drive during, which 5,000 blankets were collected in just four weeks. They also partnered with local organizations in the Stamp Out Hunger campaign bringing in more than 267,000 pounds of food to the city and surrounding areas. But KTUL not only acts in service, they inspire a culture of service. In 2012, they created an ongoing Random Acts of Kindness campaign. KTUL staff also focus on prevention and health awareness, participating in such projects as the American Heart Associationís year-long Go Red campaign. And no community effort would have lasting effects without healthy children, who are featured at the forefront of KTULís busy agenda. Channel 8 staff donated time and talent to a variety of initiatives with the local Park Elementary school, the Tulsa County Library Summer Reading Program and an OK PLAY Childrenís Expo. The year 2012 saw record growth for all of KTULís annual initiatives and set a true example of service at the heart of a community.

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