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KWTV-TV Crucial in Oklahoma City Tornado

Topic: Community-Focused Initiatives
Posted on 11/5/2015

On Oct. 24, a drunk driver drove into a crowd at the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade, killing four people and injuring 47 others. Team Radio’s "Triple Play Sports" stations, including KOSB-FM, pre-empted live game day programing to provide complete coverage. Anchor Jordan Woodruff was live on-air about 45 minutes after the car struck the crowd, interviewing witnesses and gathering news. Woodruff’s co-hosts, Steve Daniels and Tom Dirato, provided comfort to listeners and aired the live broadcast of the Stillwater Police Department press conference. During the game, Team Radio focused on the tragedy, updating listeners on the number of injuries and probable cause. "I was very proud of these four guys who instinctively knew what to do upon hearing the news of the tragedy," said Team Radio Owner Bill Coleman. "They became great informers instead of sports broadcasters."

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