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KOBI Provides Solace After School Shooting

Topic: Community-Focused Initiatives
Posted on 11/5/2015

California Oregon Broadcasting’s NBC affiliate KOBI-TV Medford, Ore. provided lifeline information after a tragic shooting at Umpqua Community College on Oct. 1 left nine dead and nine injured. KOBI’s wall-to-wall coverage provided critical updates and solace to the community. In the weeks that followed, KOBI covered vigils, services and memorials, and provided information on how to support the victims’ families. Bob Wise, KOBI vice president and general manager, shared this information:

"Some days we are covering the best day of someone’s life, the next might be someone’s worst tragedy. Unfortunately, on October 1, the worst came to life in front of us... KOBI TV staff has worked hard to provide information to its viewers in a way to honor the victims, respect their family and friends, and to address the overriding issues that led to this happening in our backyard. It reminds us all, once again, the importance of local broadcasting and how, when needed, broadcasters are at the epicenter of teamwork, communication and effort to inform viewers, through good times and difficult times."

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