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Univisionís Education Week 2015

Topic: Community-Focused Initiatives
Posted on 1/14/2016

Univisionís Education Week 2015, held Oct. 3-10 on 126 radio and television stations, reached hundreds of thousands of families. Resources, tools and programs covered issues related to early childhood development to college readiness. Local phone banks answered more than 2,000 viewer questions. The ďAcademias para PadresĒ (Parent Academies) connected 1,300 people in three cities with education experts. Univisionís KMEX-TV Los Angeles kicked off Education Week on Oct. 3, when 15,000 people attended the "Feria de Educaciůn" (Education Fair). One hundred non-profit organizations and 50 workshops addressed financial aid, scholarships and parent engagement. More than 45,000 books were distributed.

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