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WUSA Journalists Find Missing Baby

Topic: Investigative Reporting
Posted on 7/13/2016

TEGNA’S CBS affiliate WUSA Washington, D.C. Reporter Andrea McCarren and Photojournalist Dave Satchell helped find a missing baby after an Amber Alert was issued for 6-week-old Liz Khatun on July 13. Fairfax County Police said Liz’s mother Flora Khatun fled a family services office in Annandale, Virginia after being informed Child Protective Services would take her daughter. After speaking to several of Khatun’s neighbors, McCarren and Satchel met one person said he thought he knew where Khatun was with her baby. The man was afraid of going to police himself, so McCarren made the call to authorities before she and Satchell drove to the address. Once they arrived, they saw the van and the tags matched. McCarren and Satchell watched as agents emerged from an apartment with the missing baby. "We’ve never had an experience like this," McCarren said.

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