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WBRZ Provides 114 Hours of Live Coverage

Topic: Disaster Relief and Recovery
Posted on 8/17/2016

Manship Station’s ABC affiliate WBRZ Baton Rouge, La. provided more than 114 hours of on-air coverage as the great flood dumped 4 trillion gallons of water on the Baton Rouge area. The WBRZ website featured live streams of the broadcast coverage, plus important safety information. The WBRZ.com team also reunited people who were separated from family members. “WBRZ’s entire organization answered the bell round after round and remains standing Louisiana Strong. Our employee’s dedication can’t adequately be expressed by words, but can be measured by the size of their hearts.” In the midst of a difficult summer in Baton Rouge, WBRZ “never lost sight of why we’re here: to be on your side - no matter what, and we won’t forget that, either," said Assistant News Director Trey Schmaltz.

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