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Radio Serves Kansas During Wildfire

Topic: Disaster Relief and Recovery
Posted on 3/31/2017

Ad Astra Per Aspera Broadcasting’s KSKU-FM, KXKU-FM, KNZS-FM and KWHK-FM Hutchinson, KS served its community as two large wildfires burned five thousand acres in two counties over nine days, beginning March 4. The fires caused 10,000 residents to evacuate, destroyed 11 homes, significantly damaged many more and burned nearly all vegetation in a state park. Ad Astra Radio’s continuous coverage included several live updates as firefighters stopped the flames from jumping a major highway. This would have threatened many more homes and an emergency shelter. In addition to regularly scheduled local news, the stations covered multiple press briefings live and provided hourly updates on the fire. They also promoted fundraising efforts coordinated by the United Way of Reno County and Hutchinson Community Foundation and two local school districts. The stations provided this crucial emergency information with only four people.

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