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WPIX Documents Conditions for Immigrants From Central America

Topic: Investigative Reporting
Posted on 6/1/2019

Tribune’s CW affiliate WPIX-TV New York City sent Reporter Cristian Benavides and Photographer Kenneth Pelczar to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, Central America’s Northern Triangle, to report what the conditions are like in the root of America’s migrant crisis. Meeting with church officials, local leaders, displaced workers and union representatives, the team gathered information for use in WPIX’s news series titled “Trapped in the Triangle,” to help viewers understand the driving factors behind the current waves of migrants from these countries to the United States.

“The story of migration from Central America is one of profound complexity. It’s about people not politics. We at [WPIX] are pleased to take our viewers to the heart of a region to discover why so many are willing to risk so much and to come so far,” said WPIX Vice President of News and Content Vickie Burns.

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