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Zimmer Broadcasting Airs Critical Tornado Coverage

Topic: Disaster Relief and Recovery
Posted on 6/19/2019

Zimmer Radio’s nine stations provided ten hours critical wall-to-wall tornado coverage from late on May 22 through the morning of May 23. Coverage preempted all promotions and included calls from listeners and information from emergency personnel. The stations aired live press conferences with Jefferson City Police Department and a live call from Governor Parson. A listener shared this message:

“As a member of Mid Missouri, I wanted to take the time today to say thank you. In the minutes following the storms and tornado that struck Eldon and Jeff City areas, you all stopped normal operations to become the calm, responsible voice that people needed for help and reassurance.

You all acted like responsible journalists and reported facts and didn’t rush to report anything sensational or create an atmosphere of fear. You helped people and genuinely cared for the safety and well-being of those affected by this disaster. You put people before profit and are an example of how businesses and companies should operate.”

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