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#Radio100 Toolkit

In 2020, radio marked a century of entertaining, informing and serving their local audience. As radio turns 101, we've updated our tools and social posts for you to use to wish radio a happy anniversary!

The enduring value of radio cannot be overstated - it is an intrinsic part of the fabric of American life.

From protecting the foundations of democratic ideals and delivering lifesaving information during emergencies, to playing the music, entertainment and sports that make us feel connected to our communities, listeners have always counted on radio to be there for them. And artists depend on radio to get their music to the masses, turning musicians into superstars.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating your favorite radio moments using the hashtag #Radio100 across social media and using the tools and materials provided below. Here’s to more than 100 wonderful years of radio, and to at least 100 more!

  • Sample Social Media Posts

    NAB is providing sample customizable messages for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media platforms. Please be sure to hashtag any posts with #Radio100.

    Happy 101st anniversary to radio! For over a century, local radio stations have been providing listeners with the music they love and giving artists a platform to share their music with fans. #WeAreBroadcasters #Radio100

    Happy anniversary to radio! For over 100 years, radio has provided a platform for artists to share their music, and delivered vital information to keep us safe and connected during history’s greatest moments. #WeAreBroadcasters #Radio100

    As we celebrate broadcast radio’s 101st anniversary, we thank our loyal listeners for allowing us to keep you entertained and informed. #WeAreBroadcasters #Radio100

    Happy 101st anniversary, radio! (Station) is proud of our work to keep our listeners safe in times of crisis, deliver important local information to our community and keep you entertained every single day. #WeAreBroadcasters #Radio100

    Happy anniversary, radio! [Station] has been serving [city] since [year]. Here’s to over a century of radio serving local communities, and to at least 100 more! #WeAreBroadcasters #Radio100

  • Video for Social Platforms

    NAB has produced a 30-second video to support the #Radio100 campaign. To view and download the videos for your website, social media channels or presentations, click the button below.

    Download :30 Spot »
  • #Radio100 Station Bugs

    NAB is providing #Radio100 branded tile graphics for stations to use on their websites. The click-through for the graphic is:


    To download the tile for use on your station's website, blog or newsletter, please click the button below. If you need additional sizes, please email us at wearebroadcasters@nab.org.

    View and Download Tile Graphics »
  • We Are Broadcasters Radio Spots in English and Spanish

    NAB has produced a 15-second and 30-second audio spots in English and Spanish to support the We Are Broadcasters campaign. These can also be used to promote the value of radio. Preview the spots using the player below, and click the button to download both spots to play on-air.

    Preview :30 Radio - English

    Click Here to Download English :30 Radio Spot (506KB) »

    Preview :15 Radio - English

    Click Here to Download English :15 Radio Spot (265KB) »

    Preview :30 Radio - Spanish

    Click Here to Download Spanish :30 Radio Spot (500KB) »

    Preview :15 Radio - Spanish

    Click Here to Download Spanish :15 Radio Spot (342KB) »